Dr. Bernhard von Mutius

Born 1949 in Heidelberg. Classical grammar school education (Humanisti- sches Gymnasium). Studied philosophy, history and the Sciences. Leadership thinker, coach and co-founder of „Die Denkbank“. Engaged as strategic advisor for major german and international companies, political institutions and social organisations. Chairman of the inter- disciplinary Bergweg-Forum Denken der Zukunft e. V. since 1989. Co-founder in 1994 of the initiative UPJ "Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend“ and founding member of the „New Club of Paris“. Varied advisory functions for, among others, the journal “Internationale Politik” of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP); consulting and lecturing on issues of economic and social change. Themes: Thinking the future, next leadership, innovation and transformation.


We work as a team with our staff, the members and friends of the Bergweg Forum Denken der Zukunft, and with our national and international cooperation partners in science, business and social organizations.


Bernhard von Mutius