„The pattern that connects“ (Gregory Bateson)


Knowledge Networks and Social Responsibility across Borders


FutureLinks – Border-crossing Knowledge Networks

Cooperation partners in science, business and society

A selection of our national and international partners:


Prof. Dr. Hans Jörg Bullinger
President of the Fraunhofer Society, Munich , www.fraunhofer.de

Prof. Leif Edvisson 
Prof. Leif Edvisson, Professor for Intellectual Capital, Lund and Stockholm , www.unic.net, www.wissenskapital.info

Lutz Engelke
Triad Berlin, www.triad.de 

Winfried Kretschmer
Managing Director ChangeX, www.changex.de

Prof. Dr. Ernst Peter Fischer
Science Historian, Constance, www.epfischer.com

David Halley
Business in the Community, London, www.bitc.org.uk 

Prof. Dr. Michael Hutter
Chair of the Economy and its Environment, Witten-Herdecke, notesweb.uni-wh.de

Prof. Paul Iske
Direktor des Dialogues House und Professor für Open Innovation, Maastricht 
University, www.dialogueshouse.nl 

Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Jansen
Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Präsident der Zeppelin University, www.zu.de 

Dr. John Kao
Jazz pianist and teacher of innovation management, San Francisco, www.johnkao.com

Dr. Roswita Königswieser
Systemic change consultancy, Vienna, www.koenigswieser.net

Peter Kromminga
Bundesinitiative Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend e. V., Berlin, www.upj-online.de

Dr. Günter Küppers
Theoretischer Physiker und Komplexitätsforscher, Mitbegründer der 

Mette Laursen
LinKs Consortium, Kopenhagen, www.linkscampus.com

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik
Leiter des Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Eckard Minx
Director of the Daimler Future Research Institute, Berlin, estmx@gmx.de

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen
Mathematiker, Chaosforscher, Präsident der Jacobs University, 

Prof. Dr. Birger Priddat
Chair of Economics, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, www.zeppelin-university.de

Rainer Petek
Extremkletterer und Bergführer, Organisationsentwickler, www.3uleaders.com

Prof. Dr. Franz Reither
Complexity research and training, Bamberg, www.reither.biz

Prof. Dr. Heiko Roehl
Herausgeber der Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung (ZOE), 

Prof. Dr. Fritz Simon
Professor für Führung und Organisation, Witten-Herdecke, www.mz-witten.de

Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland
Professor of Leadership and Organization, Witten-Herdecke, www.mz-witten.de


Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinecke

Corporate Citizenship & Soziale Verantwortung
Das Corporate Citizenship Netzwerk Unternehmen:Partner der Jugend




Accepting responsibility together with others and outside your area of work is essential to our social vision
for the future. As early as 1992, we developed a concept for social cooperation. It was put into practice with
the initiative Companies: Partners of Youth launched two years later by Bernhard von Mutius, Diethelm Damm,
Nele Gabler, Peter Meyer-Dohm and others. It is now one of Germany’s largest corporate citizenship networks,
whose projects – especially among small and mid-sized companies – make a substantial contribution to the
growth of social capital in this country.

"Building bridges"

As a curtain-raiser on supra-national UPJ dialogue, an initial nationwide symposium was held in Dresden in
November '95 attended by more than 150 representatives of leading German companies, youth welfare
organizations from all federal states, and delegates from federal, state and local goverment. Participants issued a
declaration of intent on future coalition activities.



On 6 November 1999, the second national UPJ conference was held at the Hamburg Chamber of Trade and
Commerce and attracted many participants from business and industry. Since then, more than 150 partner
projects have been launched across Germany. The UPJ is also a co-founding member of the initiative "Freedom
and Responsibility" together with Germany's four leading business federations and the magazine WirtschaftsWoche.
Its first symposium was held in the "Haus der Wirtschaft" in Berlin on 2 July 2001.

The congress „Corporate Citizenship: New Approaches to Social Commitment among Mid-sized Companies” was
held in Frankfurt on 12-13 May 2003. The congress founded the corporate citizenship network „Companies:
Active in the Community“ as part of the UPJ, whose members now include: BMW, KPMG, Betapharm, EKO Stahl,
Chambiz, Herlitz, Veolia Water, Manpower, Verbundnetz Gas, Wolfsburg AG and other companies.

Service Centers


UPJ is currently active in 11 German states and runs 18 regional service centers and partner organizations. They
act as contact and project partners for companies, municipal authorities and social institutions.

The national UPJ headquarters in Berlin is directed by Peter Kromminga in Berlin:
Bundesinitiative „Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend“ (UPJ) e. V.
& Unternehmen: Aktiv im Gemeinwesen
Linienstraße 214, D-10119 Berlin
Fon: +49(0)30/2787406-0 Fax: +49(0)30/2787406-19
Mail: info@upj-online.de

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